The Bucs and Bengals will meet on Saturday night to open their preseason rosters. Each of them will seek to reach 1-0, remaining halfway to a perfect warm-up. The league changed the schedule this year, where the preseason is now just two games instead of four. And there will be 17 regular season games instead of 16.

For the Bengals , everything will revolve around Ja'Marr Chase. They took it really high so there will be immediate pressure on him to catch the deep balls. He joins Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins, who had a very good season a year ago. And when you add Chase, you have three legitimate guns, giving the team a good group of guys that Joe Burrow can throw at.

Obviously Burrow won't be playing the whole game so look to Kyle Shurmur and Brandon Allen for some replays. Shurmur's father was a pretty poor NFL coach, but maybe Kyle has what it takes to succeed in the league. He'll have a few chances in both games to show what he can bring to the team.

As for Tampa Bay , it all depends on what the draft picks can do. Because all of the postseason starters from last year signed to come back. Not that they need to worry about this, but if something happens to Shaq Barrett, there will be pressure on Joe Tryon. He was chosen in the first round and will have some repeats at the OLB.

Barrett is as stable as anyone in his role and a sack making machine. Tryon should be ready for anything though, and he and Kyle Trask will be the names to watch in the opener. These guys need to show something positive for the future to be bright.

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