The season has only passed 3 rounds, but Newcastle United are showing themselves as a team that can hardly compete this season with only 1 point. Obviously, the trip to the field of the third-ranked team is Manchester United, the difficulty is expected because it is likely that the home team will make them have a suffocating match and have to accept defeat.

After an unfortunate draw against an underrated opponent Southampton with a score of 1-1, Manchester United quickly returned to the pursuit of the leading group with a victory at Wolves in the third round. Although they have not been in good form during the preparation for the new season with 2/4 friendly matches without winning, when entering the first official rounds, the Old Trafford team is showing that they are worthy of the title. one of the brightest teams that can compete for the championship after this year's season ends.

Newcastle United vs West Ham 8pm on 15/08/2021
However, it is too early to say anything, to get success Manchester United still needs to try a lot, especially they are not allowed to lose points against weaker teams like Newcastle United in this round 4. . With the advantage of home field and outstanding performance, surely teachers and coach Ole Solskjaer will not let the guests leave but get even 1 point in hand.

Despite their best efforts, Newcastle United still could not get beneficial results in the first 3 rounds of the new season, the explanation for this achievement is that they could not add many quality rookies after. summer transfer window. Therefore, the poor performance like at the end of last season repeated with the home team at St James' Park is also understandable. The fans of this team should also prepare in advance that this will be another difficult season for Chich Choe.

And if they want to be successful in relegation, their players need to be extremely determined and focused in each match. Manchester United's trip to the field is no exception. Moreover, with the host players also in good form, Newcastle United is completely capable of leaving empty-handed after this match ends.

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