Four years after the 2017/18 Champions League final, Liverpool faced Real Madrid again in the focal match of the season.  In fact, they also met before in the knock-out round of the 2020/21 season.  At that time, once more Liverpool had to hold a grudge against Real.

Therefore, this reunion gives them even more motivation to pay the debt.  Unlike the battle in Kiev (Ukraine) 4 years ago, at this time Liverpool have significantly improved their defense with outstandingly mature names such as Van Dijk, Robertson, Alexander-Arnold, especially the position of the goalkeeper.  awarded to Alisson, one of the best goalkeepers in the world right now.

At least, Liverpool will be more secure about the defense than when they trusted Dejan Lovren or Karius in 2018. On the front line, Liverpool also have a transformed Luis Diaz, a Thiago who leads the game like a genius conductor,  and especially tonight, Salah will be strong enough to play to recover the debt from Real.  Not to mention Liverpool also have other scary attacks like Mane, Diogo Jota...

Real is hard to say they are stronger than 4 years ago.  The defense lost Varane, Ramos, the attack parted with Ronaldo, while Bale had long since lost his place.  All made the burden for Benzema piled up.

In fact, this year, together with Vinicius, Benzema has done a very good job of scoring goals.  Needless to say, he is the best, most almighty striker in the world right now.  The white vulture is weakened in a few positions, but is also supplemented by younger, stronger, more flexible and variable positions.

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