Liverpool aim for treble and sweet revenge
Liverpool have officially broken their dream of eating 4 when they finished second in the Premier League with only 1 point less than Man City. Klopp's army spent a sensational closing day and almost made a miracle. 

At Anfield, Liverpool easily crushed Wolves with a score of 3-1 and waited for Man City to lose points to be crowned. In the match at the same time, Man City let Aston Villa lead by 2 goals after 69 minutes of play. But 5 crazy minutes at Etihad saw Man City score 3 goals to make an unbelievable comeback and steal the championship from Klopp's teachers and students.

Liverpool could not overcome the "obsession" of Man City when they finished second for the second time against this opponent with a gap of only 1 point. However, Liverpool's current season is still extremely memorable with a domestic cup double and the Champions League final awaiting. 

After many struggles, Liverpool finally entered the final game of the season. The Anfield team has played all the matches this season when reaching the finals of all the tournaments they attended.

But also because of that, the legs of Liverpool players have started to feel heavy recently. Klopp's army is still victorious, still undefeated, but the conviction in their matches is no longer there. In the last 5 matches, Liverpool have shown unconvincing performance. They were held to a draw by Tottenham, struggled to beat Aston Villa, Southampton and Wolves in the Premier League and had to rely on a penalty shootout to defeat Chelsea in the FA Cup final. 

Before that, Liverpool also had a not so good match against Villarreal. Leading 2-0 in the first leg, but Liverpool let the opponent equalize 2-2 in the second leg before trying to crush the representative of Spain to book tickets to the final.

In this year's Champions League, Liverpool are a team that deserves to reach the final with the strength they show. Except for the loss to Inter Milan, Liverpool have scored at least 2 goals in all remaining matches. It is worth mentioning that Liverpool was considered to be in the group of death and met Inter right in the 1/8 round but still showed unstoppable destructive power.

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