Basically, Liverpool is still too strong compared to Burnley. Winning the opening day with home advantage will be a dose of doping to urge Klopp's students towards another crunch victory. That will be the clearest demonstration of Liverpool's championship racing ambitions.

Will Mohamed Salah drop his form when he turns 29? The Egyptian striker gave the most eloquent answer with an impressive performance on the opening day of the new Premier League season. He provided two assists for Diogo Jota and Roberto Firmino scored before setting the score 3-0 against Norwich. Pharaoh shows no signs of aging.

That achievement makes Salah the first player in Premier League history to score in the first round of the tournament for five consecutive seasons. After a series of forgettable matches at home in the second leg of the Premier League last season, Liverpool are gradually returning to their inherent winning trajectory. Not only Salah but also other names in the Liverpool public like Jota, Firmino all played extremely impressively.

Liverpool's 3 goals against Norwich seem to be a warning for Burnley from coach Jurgen Klopp and his students. Liverpool may no longer maintain the absolute strength as at the time of the coronation a season ago, but certainly, they are still the leading force in the foggy country. This is what Klopp affirmed in the pre-match press room and certainly, a humble coach like Klopp never "exaggerates" the strength, goals and inner strength of the team.

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