Euro 5

After having a pretty good result against Croatia with a 1-0 victory and finding a really ideal place in Group D (2nd place), England can continue the winning streak by doing the same with Scotland in the second match.

Things have not gone as smoothly as coach Gareth Southgate had hoped but the strategist can still be pleased to see England open the group stage at Euro 2020-2021 with a victory over Croatia. There will be questions about squad selection in that game, but Raheem Sterling proved his integration in the Three Lions shirt and helped his side secure a very good place in Group D. 

A narrow but well-deserved win over Croatia gives England a chance to secure a place in the last 16 although many will wonder if they should look to avoid finishing at the top of the table. That means a potential 3rd place opponent in Group F can be avoided when it comes to the round of 16, but Three Lions fans won't allow players to play with such mindsets. So coming back for the game against Scotland at dawn this Saturday morning.

The long wait for a major tournament appearance ended for Scotland fans earlier this week. However, a performance of Scotland's best was not possible on Monday in a 0-2 loss to the Czech Republic, and there is some pressure on Steve's men as well. Clarke when they returned home in the final game.

With the four best teams in third place also claiming a place in the round of 16, Scotland's fans also believe that a win may be enough for this team but hardly enough. the possibility if there is one more loss against England in the second match. 

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