Actually, the upcoming weekend will see the unification hit in the super middleweight division between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders However, Saunders is now threatening to cancel the event!

Dispute over the size of the boxing ring - Saunders: "If the conditions are not met, we'll go home!"

During the night from Saturday to Sunday (German time), the two super middleweight champions Saul "Canelo" Alvarez (WBC, WBA) and Billy Joe Saunders (WBO) will put their world championship belts on the game.  The boxing fans are correspondingly delighted with that club hit.  The first big press conference between the two "main actors" was supposed to take place yesterday in Arlington (Texas, USA).

However, only the 30-year-old “Canelo” Alvarez appeared at the media appointment, who ultimately answered questions from the journalists.  Billy Joe Saunders probably avoided the hype because there has been trouble for several days!  The size of the boxing ring is said to play a major role in the aforementioned discrepancies.

If 31-year-old Saunders has his way, the four-wire rope should be around seven meters wide and long.  Boxing is now to take place in a ring that has a "capacity" of only around five meters - and is therefore two meters smaller than the British southpaw calls for.  “They ask me to box in a phone booth!” Billy Joe Saunders told the radio podcast “”.

Billy Joe Saunders

Saunders threatens not to get in the ring at the weekend if the Canelo side continues to insist on that smaller boxing ring.  Saunders: “It is unacceptable to me!  I'm not going to box under these circumstances.  I left the matter to my team and I am confident that they will solve the problem.  Otherwise there will be no fight! "

Even the father of the previously undefeated title holder, Tom Saunders, has already announced that the return flight to London will be booked as soon as possible if those responsible do not adhere to the conditions.  Should the “mega-fight” actually fall into the water, a loss worth millions could result for everyone involved - not to mention millions of disappointed boxing fans!

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