Canelo 2

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, a boxing treat on an absolutely world-class level will take place at the AT&T Stadium in Texas!  WBA & WBC world champion Canelo Alvarez and WBO world champion Billy Joe Saunders are preparing to unite the super middleweight titles.

Canelo Alvarez: “I'm really grateful for the reaction from people and that boxing is a sport that brings everything back on track.  I am ready for this fight. "

“He's a great fighter, he has a lot of skills and he's a left-handed man.  I'm not the same fighter I was six or seven years ago, I'll show that on Saturday. "

“I've had a lot of big fights and this is just another day in the office.  I come to win, like I said, boxing is my life and I come here to win. "

Eddy Reynoso (Trainer Canelo Alvarez): “It's going to be a great fight, two of the best super middleweight fighters in the world in front of 70,000 people - especially after the pandemic.  It gives me a lot of pleasure and honor to be in the ring as a Mexican. "

“He's a great fighter, he's not a two-time champion for nothing.  He has a good coach, he knows how to defend himself, he moves very well.  We know it will be a good fight, in and out of the ring. "

Billy Joe Saunders: “I've boxed all my life, I've boxed since I was five years old, I've pulled myself up - in the gypsy camps.  We can all have the rough, tough talk when we grow up as kids.  I'm here for one reason, there are no other reasons for me except to win.  Not for fame or anything, but to win. "

“I think we haven't had anyone here who wanted to win for a long time.  Lots of people came, took checks and flew away, but we still haven't had the heart, soul and IQ that I'll bring into the ring on Saturday night to win. "

“I can't downplay what he did, he did brilliant things for boxing.  He's a good champion, but like I said, there is a time in life when you are put to the test.  Sometimes you forget where you came from and all the hard things that got you where you are now, and that can make it difficult for you.  I think he will face the wrong man on Saturday night to go home with titles.  I'm looking forward to a very good fight, but definitely a win. "

“I think I've dealt with the crowds before;  I traveled to the Olympics as an amateur when I was 18, there is no greater pressure on someone's shoulders when they perform in front of millions of people. "

 “There is additional pressure on both of us for this fight, because neither of us want to go home as losers.  At the end of the day, half of the Mexicans like him and the other half don't, so hopefully the half who don't like him will support the gypsy boy, we'll be rocking it and getting it rolling.  This is home to all gypsies, everyone in the UK, plus half the Mexicans, get behind me. "

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