After the defeat in the FA Cup final, Chelsea got up in time and had an impressive performance to "repay" Leicester itself. The precious victory in the "six-point match" against this direct opponent helps the Blues regain 3rd place in the Premier League table as well as have the upper hand in the Top 4 race.

However, Chelsea only has 2 more opponents behind, Liverpool and Leicester are right 1 point. This is a fragile gap that can be filled in the final round. In the worst case, coach Thomas Tuchel's army will be the ones kicked out of the Top 4. 

If Chelsea do not win Aston Villa and Liverpool defeat Crystal Palace and Leicester overcome Tottenham, tragedy will come. Obviously, Tuchel's teachers and students could not wait for their opponents to stumble, but instead had to decide their own fate.

A victory is therefore the goal that Chelsea need to set in the visit of Aston Villa. In many respects, this is not an easy task, although the Blues often "overwhelm" the representative of Birmingham. They have won this opponent to the last 10/12 matches in the Premier League, including all 3 recent visits to Villa Park.

Aston Villa currently does not have any goals, so it can be played in a very comfortable spirit. As shown in the previous round, coach Dean Smith's army got in the way of another London giant, Tottenham with a surprise away victory, thereby making this team difficult in the race to win tickets to the Europa League. .

The return of captain Jack Grealish has breathed a new life into Aston Villa's play, not to mention the star himself is determined to prove himself after a long absence to "score" with the England coach. , Gareth Southgate. That said, Chelsea promises to face many difficulties at Villa Park. 

In addition, Chelsea may also find it difficult to "wholeheartedly" for the match against Aston Villa in the context that the Champions League final is so close. Coach Tuchel will have certain calculations, including whether or not to risk using N'Golo Kante against Aston Villa to keep the French midfielder healthy for the biggest game of the season.

In fact, Chelsea is still more appreciated and is capable of winning 3 points against Aston Villa if they make good use of the opportunity and do not make personal mistakes. The Blues need to stay awake to be able to leave with a "Tuchel-style" victory, thereby both deciding their own fate in the Premier League and keeping the Champions League final.


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