Boxing: Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II

After defeating Tyron Woodley at the end of August, the famous American youtuber and boxer, Jake Paul, had his sights set on facing the British Tommy Fury. 

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II

However, within two weeks of the event in Tampa, Florida, Fury had to withdraw from the fight with a rib injury. As a result, Paul and Woodley will meet for the second time in a match where Paul will once again arrive as the favorite to take the victory.

Going into the first bout, there were a lot of questions about whether Woodley would take the lead and attack, as in the later stages of his UFC career his aggressiveness was somewhat muted.  Unfortunately for the former champion, it took him several rounds to comfortably get into the ring and start punching.

That said, his power in his hand was felt in the punches he managed to land cleanly, notably in the 4th round when he staggered Paul.  However, in the end it was Paul who had the best strategy and won in the end.

Paul had key moments in the first teamfight, successfully throwing a number of jabs and top lanes, though he never actually injured Woodley.  Paul manages to be most effective as he is able to complete a variety of combinations, which apparently angers Tyron and sends him into the fray.

Paul's counter-attack is one of the youtuber's strengths.  Several times Woodley fouled and Paul simply rushed in before dodging the former champion.

As in the first match, we believe that Paul will win the decisive battle.  While it's true that Jake had moments where he was able to mortally wound Woodley, in the end it didn't seem like he had the strength needed to take down the former UFC champion.

On the other hand, if Woodley wants to win this showdown, he will most likely have to take Paul down.  However, Paul was still much faster and enough to win more rounds than Woodley.


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