Boxing: Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder

The history of heavyweight boxing is full of legendary rivalry, but few have produced such awkward moments or outlandish antics as Tyson Fury's versus Deontay Wilder.

Boxing: Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder

Both men are naturally gifted entertainers, although the American tennis player has shrunk into his shell since he lost the rematch, and fans have been glued to him.  eyes on the war for three years.

Fury's first real test of his return was against the Heavy Bomber in 2018 and it created one of the most shared viral moments of the year - many more  afterward.

Tyson Fury defeated Wilder by TKO last February and their rivalry has been intense for almost three years since their first meeting in 2018.

The controversial draw was followed by a fight from Fury in Las Vegas, but both men drew attention for their behavior both outside the ring and on the rope.

On October 9, the feud will finally be ended with a head-to-head trilogy and this eventful chapter in both men's careers will close.

With that in mind, Sportsmail takes a look at the most memorable moments of Fury and Wilder's fight.


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