PremierLeague: Newcastle United vs West Ham

Both have achieved very good results in the preparation for the new season throughout the summer, along with a squad that is slightly better than Newcastle United, West Ham is still highly appreciated for its ability. won all 3 points on the first day of the English Premier League season 2021-22. Moreover, The Hammers also want to break the game without winning at St James' Park since July 2019 until now.

Newcastle United vs West Ham

Newcastle United finished the Premier League last season in 12th place with 45 points. It seems that relegation is the top goal that this team sets, when for many seasons in a safe position, the team nicknamed Chich Choe seems to give up. This is extremely dangerous, because the teams in the tournament have high investments and ambitions.

Moreover, if you look at the transfer list of Newcastle United, not many people can put their hopes on this team. Most of the names brought to Newcastle United are either free goods or borrowed from another team. Wanting to get better results, there is no other way but coach Steve Bruce's army to mobilize on its own.

West Ham headed to the first game in the English Premier League with a team with the upper hand. Despite the disadvantage of the field, but the army of coach David Moyes is possessing an extremely impressive series of performances. Since the end of May until now, the club from London has won 6 matches and lost 2. Of these, there are 6 recent friendly matches to prepare for the new season.

In terms of away results, West Ham also shows too much stability since the end of the 2020-21 season. Most notably, the last 3 consecutive wins. Facing a weaker Newcastle United, a win was the expected success for the London team's warm-up in the biggest goal of winning tickets to the European Cup next season.

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