PremierLeague: Chelsea vs Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace have picked up momentum and are ready for the fight, but meeting Chelsea in the first round seems to be unlucky for them. Confrontation history is in favor of Chelsea and Crystal Palace have not won a match in the last 7 matches. It is worth mentioning that the Selhurst Park home team is also very difficult to score against The Blues, so they often lose or can only score 1 honorable goal.

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace

It was quite difficult to get the European Super Cup title after the victory on Penalty over Villarreal, but the important thing is that Chelsea have won their first title this season and it will be a very momentum step. good for teachers and coaches Thomas Tuchel towards the goal of successfully conquering the championship in the English Premier League season 2021-22.

In the opening match, Chelsea's opponent will be Crystal Palace, this is the team that they are winning in the last 7 encounters, so the Stamford Bridge home team is very confident with the goal of 3 points in the Premier League. this match. Moreover, the home field advantage and stable performance of The Blues in the last summer period also give their fans more reasons to believe in a successful opening day with coach Thomas Tuchel and his teammates. trick.

Having achieved relegation last season thanks to winning 14th place in the table, but Crystal Palace has clearly received a nod from the god of luck and the Selhurst Park team should understand that that cannot continue. If they show disappointing form again this season.

Opening the new season with a trip to Chelsea, this will definitely be a difficult match for teachers and coaches Patrick Vieira not only because the Blues are appreciated more than them in terms of squad quality but also performance. where the defense during the last summer of Crystal Palace was also not good with 4/6 matches conceding and including 2 matches when playing away from home.


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