PremierLeague: Burnley vs Brighton

Both Burnley and Brighton performed badly last season and finished right above the relegation zone. It can be said that the fact that these two teams continue to stay in the Premier League is a relatively lucky scenario. In order not to repeat the same thing, right from the opening victory is the goal that Burnley and Brighton aim for.

Burnley vs Brighton

Last season Burnley played very badly in the opening phase, they only brought 2 points after 7 opening matches. At that time, Burnley was considered a bright candidate for the relegation ticket. Fortunately, in the mid- and late-season, Burnley gradually regained his form to successfully relegate soon. After 38 rounds, the Turf Moor team brought back 39 points and 17th place on the table. They are 11 points above the relegation position of Fulham and played extremely leisurely at the end of the season, which is the reason why Burnley lost to 4/5 of the last round.

In the last summer period, Burnley participated in 4 friendly matches and they won 3 of them. In their last game of the season, they lost 0-2 to Cadiz at home, the only match in six six matches where they failed to score. In the remaining 4/6 matches, Burnley scored 2 or more goals. These two teams have drawn 3/4 of the last encounters and only the last 3/13 encounters have appeared more than 2 times the vibrating net. Among the successful relegation teams last season, Burnley is the team with the worst attack with only 33 goals in 38 games.

Similar to their opponents, Brighton also performed very badly in the Premier League last season. They finished in 16th place and stood right above Burnley with 41 points, 2 points more than their opponent. They ended last season with a 0-2 defeat against Arsenal, with Brighton entering this match without scoring in the last 3 matches. Brighton finished last season without a win in their last five away games and have conceded four of them. In the last 10 matches they only scored 4 goals and the last 3/4 matches Brighton conceded 2 or more goals.

The away team Brighton only has 1 clean sheet in the last 6 matches and "Seagull" needs to play more firmly in the upcoming period. In the last summer period, Brighton also experienced a series of relatively poor friendlies. They played 4 matches and only won 1 match against Luton. The departure of star midfielder Ben White made the Brighton defense even weaker. But in return, Brighton promptly brought in Enock Mwepu, Kjell Scherpen and Jeremy Sarmiento to increase the thickness of the squad. In the past, Brighton was not inferior to Burnley. Only counting the last 5 confrontations, Brighton only lost 1 and also won 1.

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