PremierLeague: Brentford vs Arsenal

Faced with this year's rookie of the season, Brentford, on the first day of the game, Arsenal are facing a good opportunity to get off to a perfect start with a win. However, it should be remembered that this is a match where they have an away disadvantage, so caution is essential if coach Mikel Arteta's army does not want to lose points unjustly against an underdog opponent.

 Brentford vs Arsenal

Ending last season with 3rd place in the first division and continuing to beat Bournemouth and Swansea City in the play-off round, Brentford made fans burst with joy when officially won tickets to play at the Premier League. Premier League arena (English Premier League). However, the home team at Brentford Community should still understand that the number 1 tournament in England will be a very different competition in which they are one of the teams that are underestimated both in terms of experience and quality of the squad.

Therefore, if you do not play with determination and have stability, Brentford can completely return to the old place of the Championship after only 1 season. Confronting Arsenal in the first round with home advantage, coach Thomas Frank's teachers and students are expected to bring back at least 1 point, but this is certainly not an easy task because in addition to the more appreciated squad, the Gunners The London goalkeeper also won 3-0 against the home team in the last encounter.

There are 4 friendly matches to prepare for the new season, but Arsenal did not do their job well when there was no victory in those 4 confrontations (3 losses, 1 draw). With such a bad performance of coach Mikel Arteta and his team, it is clear that the fans of the Emirates Stadium team have reason to worry when the new season will officially start this weekend.

However, fortunately for Arsenal when their opponent in the first round is just a Brentford who has just started playing in the English Premier League this season, so if you make good use of the experience advantage and the slight advantage, much about the quality of the squad, 3 points is not a difficult task for coach Mikel Arteta's teachers and students in this match. Moreover, the head-to-head record between the two teams is also supporting the Emirates Stadium team with the victory in the last meeting.


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