Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul

Miami - On the night from Sunday to Monday, ring legend Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. steps into the ring again.  He meets Logan Paul, social media star and actor.  

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul

Paul, who has been in training for a good two years, is undeterred on his way to step into the ring against the big stars of boxing.  The fight between the two controversial personalities was preceded by months of trash talk and insults before they will now compare in the ring.  From a sporting point of view, this is certainly a controversial duel, but we want to dedicate ourselves to the facts!

The 42-year-old Mayweather is certainly one of the greatest boxing stars, if not the greatest boxing stars of the past two decades.  In addition, the former world champion in five weight classes has been adorned with numerous honors from public life and the entire world of sports.  Mayweather has been a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame since last year and before the end of his active career he managed to set Rocky Marciano's legendary 49-0 record.  The American has thus succeeded in dominating boxing for years and beyond his active career.

Mayweather still holds the record for the most PPV tickets sold per fight and has defeated no fewer than 24 world champions in his long career.  So one wonders why Mayweather makes this comparison;  after all, in addition to all these records, he also has a reputation to lose.  But "Money" is ready to risk all of that, because there is a lot of money involved.  Both opponents are absolute stars, especially in the USA, and unite over 40 million followers on Instagram alone - the best prerequisites for such high revenue pay-per-view.  But whether the money, of which Mayweather says he owns more than enough anyway, is worth putting your own legacy on the line will probably only be clear after the fight.

In purely sporting terms, the man from Florida is clearly superior.  Long professional career, countless successfully mastered extreme situations and a huge wealth of sporting experience should ensure Mayweather an unassailable lead over Paul.  But on the other hand are the age, the possible to certain ring rust and the risk of underestimating Logan Paul.  Therefore, in the end, Money can end up being the big loser!

Logan Paul from Westlake, Ohio, who is 18 years his junior, has been doing business and monetary improvements for years.  After starting out as a video producer on Vine, the controversial internet star has now built up a community of millions and has also positioned itself more broadly.  In addition to activities in the fashion world, he tried himself as a singer and actor, among other things.  He also has experience in American football and wrestling from high school and college.

Logan came to professional sport through a feud or a show fight with YouTuber KSI.  Although he did not succeed in eliminating or defeating his (Internet) opponent at the end of 2019, it became clear, solely due to the sheer range of the 24-year-old, that one had to expect him.  So now Paul is facing the "master" of boxing.  From a sporting point of view, the duel should speak a clear language, because Logan Paul does not have the attributes of Mayweather mentioned above, let alone his boxing skills.

But there are points where the YouTuber is clearly ahead.  Physically he is clearly superior to the exceptional boxer retired Mayweather, both in size and weight, and is also almost 20 years younger - the best ingredients for the classic "puncher's chance".  So if he survives the first few laps and has taken the training seriously, then he could even manage to pull himself out of the affair in a sporting way and thus end up as a made "man" in the end.  Because one thing is clear: the purely sporting value should only be on the edge for the two main protagonists.

It's about the entertainment of the audience and the income that was already bubbling up with the victory of Paul's brother Jake against the former UFC fighter Ben Askren.  The sports world may even see a broken PPV record, at least that's what our American colleagues and boxing experts could imagine.  Then all arguments would be on the side of Mayweather and Paul and such "money fights".



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