PremierLeague: Wolverhampton vs Manchester United

Wolverhampton will welcome the second-ranked team on the Premier League table, Manchester United, at Molineux's home ground in the 38th round, the final round of the English Premier League season 2020-21. Each team has its own goals before the final round. If the home team is just a higher position on the table, then coach Solskjaer's army has turned its target to the European arena.

Wolverhampton vs Manchester United

Wolverhampton - Premier League 

After a series of unstable matches, Wolverhampton seems to have found inspiration in the last few matches. The team nicknamed the Wolves has had the last 4/7 matches without losing. Even, the home team of Molineux has just won 2-1 in the recent home match against Brighton in round 35. However, this has not been able to help them regain what they have lost.

Currently, Wolverhampton has been surpassed by Aston Villa on the table, with a distance of 57 points. However, in the context that there is only 1 match left, the English Premier League will end, and coach Nuno Espirito's teachers and students will end their journey. The relegation ticket is already available, so it is not difficult to understand when this team will play in the spirit of a procedural match.

Manchester United – English Premier League 

With the Old Trafford team, their interest at the moment is the UEFA Europa League final with Spain's representative Villarreal. In the English Premier League, everything is considered to have been arranged with the Red Devils of Manchester. The results of the last matches of course do not have much influence on the final result of the season, but it also contributes to determining how much Manchester United can finish this season's Premier League with points.

Coach Solskjaer's army is 12 points behind the team in the same city, Manchester City. So they're probably not interested either. However, as a guest of rival Wolverhampton in the 38th round of the Premier League, Manchester United also wanted to break the tie without winning at Molineux. Specifically, the Old Trafford team has lost 2 and drawn 2 in the last 4 encounters here.

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