PremierLeague: West Ham vs Everton

As a guest of West Ham in the 35th round of the Premier League, of course, if kicked properly, 3 points is not too difficult for Everton, but in a specific match and uncomfortable mentality, it can not be said. Previously that James Rodriguez and his teammates would win, especially when this was a match where they had a disadvantage away from home.

West Ham vs Everton

West Ham - Premier League 

West Ham once again made fans admire when they defeated the 16th ranked Burnley team with a score of 2-1 in the recent round. It can be seen that, after this important victory, coach and coach David Moyes are extremely confident and if Real makes a mistake in the last 4 rounds, 4th place on the Premier League chart this season is likely to return. belongs to the London team.

Coming to the full match against Everton in the 35th round with the most powerful team with the presence of Jesse Lingard, West Ham's attack will be like a tiger growing wings, so 3 points at home. The team from the Merseyside region is completely within the reach of David Moyes and his students.

Everton - Premier League 

For Everton, the home team Goodison Park has just had an unfortunate defeat at home to Aston Villa in the 35th round of the Premier League. The reason for saying that the loss of coach Carlo Ancelotti's teachers is regrettable because it is a match that they played well, held the game as well as created more opportunities than the opponent, but in one day of the competition. In the same minute of losing their guard at the end of the game, they were punished by Aston Villa with an El-Ghazi's 80th-minute goal and then lost 1-2.

This result ended Everton's four consecutive unbeaten streak in the Premier League and more worrying when they let the 5th ranked West Ham team widen the gap to 5 points, thereby facing. with the risk of gradually moving away from the Top 5 strongest teams. Therefore, the task to win is weighing heavily on coach and coach Carlo Ancelotti in the 35th round match with rival West Ham himself.

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