PremierLeague: West Bromwich vs West Ham United

Having received a ticket to relegation in the Premier League with West Bromwich early, they are just fighting for their honor before returning to the first division next season.

West Brom vs West Ham

West Brom - Premier League  

Lacking a little West Bromwich could create a surprise to hold Liverpool in the last round at home when only conceding a goal in the last minute of injury time of the match. This result, although not too disturbing for West Bromwich fans because their beloved team was soon relegated this season, it can be seen that the determination of fighting for the honor of coach Sam Allardyce's teachers and students is great. .

In fact, in the last 4 rounds West Bromwich also lost only 2 matches against strong rivals Arsenal and Liverpool while getting 2 draws. This partly shows the more stable performance of coach Sam Allardyce's team. In the next round, West Bromwich will host West Ham United at home. This is an opponent who is still having stability and determination in the season and is also expected to be very difficult for coach Sam Allardyce's army.

West Ham - Premier League 

Across the field, West Ham United have dropped to 7th place on the table this season after a defeat to Brighton in the last round. This is an unfortunate loss to West Ham United because the London team's ambition to compete for a Europa League ticket is really starting to be difficult.

Up to the present time with West Ham United, the front goal of the London team is still when they are determined to compete for the European Cup. There are still 2 final rounds left for the "sledgehammer" to reach their goal when they are currently just behind Tottenham's 6th place by the sub-index. The upcoming round of West Ham United as a guest at West Bromwich has run out of motivation to play. This is clearly a very good opportunity for David Moyes' teachers and students to focus on their goal of winning to continue to raise their hopes of competing for the Europa League spot next season.



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