PremierLeague: Tottenham Hotspur vs Wolves

Consecutively there are not very positive results in recent times, so Wolves are facing a lot of pressure from the fans because with an ambitious team like the home team of Molineux, their fans are difficult to find. willing to accept the image of the competition is somewhat weak at the present time.

Tottenham vs Wolves

Tottenham - Premier League 

On the side of Tottenham, the London team now has a record of winning the last two-thirds of their matches in the English Premier League, this very positive achievement helps teachers and coach Ryan Mason regain the advantage in the Top 5 race. Currently, the Tottenham team is 6th in the table with a distance of 2 points 2 points less than the 5th ranked team Liverpool, so if they win all the last 3 matches, the Rooster can completely return to the top 5. belong.

Having a welcome to Wolves in the 36th round, 3 points before this inferior opponent is a must for teachers and coach Ryan Mason because if they lose points, they will no longer have the opportunity to correct their mistakes when the rest of the season is over. solution is too short. Of course, the fans of the Capital team also have a reason to be confident because 2/3 of the last encounters with the home team of Molineux Stadium, Tottenham are unbeaten and have 1 victory among them.

Wolves - Premier League 

Having not won the last two-thirds of the last round in the English Premier League, what is more remarkable here is that the home team of Molineux only scored 1 goal against the opponent in those 2 non-winning matches, so the encounter with the team Tottenham's strong ball at the moment is clearly an overwhelming task for teachers and coaches Nuno Espirito.

Not only being inferior to the opponent in terms of performance, but the disadvantage of away is also what makes Wolves fans feel worried, specifically in the last 5 trips away from home, coach Nuno Espirito's teachers and students did not win 4 times and the achievement This bad thing makes it difficult for Adama Traoré and his teammates to confidently change the history of the last two-thirds of their last winless matches against Tottenham. And if you look directly at reality, a draw is still a dream for the home team of Molineux Stadium in this match.

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