PremierLeague: Newcastle vs Sheffield Utd

Newcastle entered the final match at home when welcoming Sheffield Utd in the penultimate round of the English Premier League. With the away team having long raised the white flag in the relegation race, while Newcastle have obtained a safe ranking. The upcoming competition is an opportunity for "Chew Chee" to open a gratitude ceremony for the home audience.

Newcastle vs Sheffield Utd

Newcastle  –  Premier League    

Although the performance was not really excellent, the fact that the group holding the red light played so badly this season made it not difficult for Newcastle to complete the goal of relegation. Currently, even though it is located in the relegation zone, "Chich Che" has been able to feel secure about its position from a few rounds ago. After 36 appearances, coach Steve Bruce's teachers and students won 10, drew 9 and lost 17. Currently they are in 17th place on the table with 39 points, being 11 points ahead of the red light group to help Newcastle have the right to compete. fighting leisurely in the last 2 matches.

The performance of the Sports Direct Arena home team this time is quite unstable, considering the last 5 rounds, despite winning 2, Newcastle also received 2 defeats. The home team's defense is having problems with conceding 10 goals in the last 5 matches. This team came from a 3-4 defeat to Man City, not long ago they defeated Leicester City with a score of 4-2. With 7 goals scored in the last two matches, they have confidence to look forward to the reception of Sheffield Utd. This is their last match at home, Newcastle have lost their last two matches but this will be an easier opponent, unlike the giants Arsenal and Man City they have faced recently.

Sheffield Utd  – Premier League        

For the second season in the Premier League, Sheffield Utd had to receive a bitter ending as a relegation ticket. It was a really surprising result, because last season Sheffield Utd played very well and even entered the race to win tickets to the European Cup. Sheffield Utd are in their final days in the Premier League and at least for the next 12 months they will not be able to participate in this arena. They have won a rare victory in their most recent match, a 1-0 victory over Everton away from home.

With a little spirit up, in the final match away from Sheffield Utd will hope to get 3 more points. This is the third time in 10 games they have scored. In the last 6 matches, Blades have conceded 10 times. Sheffield Utd's away form is really dismal with 8 consecutive defeats. This season, Sheffield Utd's strikers played very badly with only 19 shots, their defense also played very badly when conceding 62 goals. With losing 3/5 of the last encounter with Newcastle, challenge with Sheffield United is not small.



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