PremierLeague: Newcastle United vs Man City

The Premier League officially fell when Man City became the new king, and the relegation battle also found three names to play the Championship next season. Thus, the confrontation between Newcastle and Man City here remains only of honorable significance. There, "Injections" are facing a great opportunity to defeat the defending champions, when the away team is likely to play with a reserve squad to prepare for the Champions League final.

Newcastle vs Man City

Newcastle - Premier League

On a sublimation day, Newcastle scored 4 goals against Leicester at King Power for a strong 4-2 victory. So right after the defeat at home to Arsenal, Newcastle immediately brought joy to the fans. In addition to the negative results of the teams in the group holding the red light, "Chòe" has officially relegated successfully. Before entering this competition, Newcastle are ranked 16th in the standings. In which the home team gave themselves 39 points after 35 rounds, their achievements came from 10 wins, 9 divided points and 16 defeats.

Having surpassed the relegation group by 12 points and the Premier League had only 3 matches left, the home team of Sports Direct Arena officially stayed in the Premier League. Newcastle have 3 wins in the last 5 matches but have not kept a clean sheet in the last 8 matches. They lost 0-2 to Arsenal in their last home match, this is the third consecutive match they have conceded from 2 or more goals and 9 home matches do not keep a clean sheet. To put on the table in terms of strength, it is clear that Newcastle are underrated much lower than Man City. However, with the extremely comfortable mentality at the moment, Newcastle is capable of making a surprise with the young factors on the opponent's side.

Man City - Premier League

The visitors of Man City entered this competition without being too concerned about the final result. The reason is that they have officially become the champions of the Premier League this season. The results are extremely worthy of what coach Pep Guardiola's army has shown. At this point, all their strength will be on the Champions League final against Chelsea two weeks later. With the prospect of taking the throne for the first time in the most prestigious playground of European football at club level, of course, Man City needs a necessary carefulness.

Especially after the 1-2 main defeat against Chelsea last weekend, coach Pep Guardiola's anxiety increased to the highest level. The defeat against Chelsea is the third time Man City has embraced defeat in the last 27 matches. With 7/10 of their most recent matches, Man City has scored two or more goals, on away field they have 11 consecutive wins in the Premier League. With 13 away victories after 17 matches played, Man City has the best away record in the tournament. In the last 3 times they met Newcastle, Man City won, they scored 9 goals and kept a clean sheet.


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