PremierLeague: Man United vs Liverpool

Being a guest on Manchester United's field in the 35th round, although not underestimated compared to the home team, coach Jurgen Klopp still could not make fans feel secure, especially when Liverpool had just had a difficult draw. right at Anfield against a weak team, Newcastle United in the previous round.

Man United vs Liverpool

Manchester United - Premier League 

Sharing the unfortunate score with Leeds in the 33rd round, Manchester United, although still firmly in second place, coach Solskjaer and his teachers lost the opportunity to shorten the gap with the top team Manchester City. Of course, despite winning that match, the championship goal is still quite far away because the Old Trafford team is still 8 points behind rivals from the same city. There is another difficult game to be expected at home with strong Liverpool team, but that is the motivation for Bruno Fernandes and his teammates to play decisively in this match and bring a victory.

Winning the last match with a score of 2-0 at Old Trafford, but that is the story in the period where The Kop is in crisis and now things have changed a lot when the away team is showing a revival. both mentally and play style. So this will definitely be 90 minutes with a lot of difficulties for Manchester United. However, with confidence, it is clear that Solskjaer's teachers and teachers will aim for 3 points in the reception of Liverpool at home in round 34.

Liverpool - Premier League 

Reaching 7th place after a series of 5 consecutive unbeaten games in recent times, but the joy that Liverpool fans are experiencing is still temporary because the Port City team is still behind the Top 4 right now. 4 points. Perhaps coach and coach Jurgen Klopp can only blame themselves when they have just drawn a weak opponent, Newcastle United  with a score of 1-1, if you bring 3 points in that match, the position of The Kop must be different now.  

Having marched to Manchester United's Old Trafford in round 34, Liverpool fans have reason to worry because their opponents are still showing impressive form when playing at home with four battles. most recent wins. Moreover, the recent away form of the Anfield team has not been very good, especially coach Jurgen Klopp has 2 consecutive wins when he leaves home (1 draw, 1 loss). 


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