PremierLeague: Man United vs Leicester City

The Premier League has begun to enter the sprint phase, so every team especially in the top groups like Manchester United and Leicester City is trying hard to accumulate important points to improve their positions. Therefore, the match between these two teams is considered attractive because of the determination of both, but surely the Old Trafford team is the one who is more appreciated for the ability to win due to their performance. the impression they have had recently.

Man United vs Leicester City



Manchester United - Premier League 

The victory over Aston Villa in the previous round showed how brave Manchester United are despite having to play away from opponents who have been judged to have unpleasant plays this season. Not only that, 3 points in this match also helps Old Trafford's home team continue to hold second place although the distance from the third ranked team Chelsea is also 6 points.

Therefore, in the next match against Leicester City, Manchester United were tasked with winning if they did not want to lose their right to win the Champions League group stage next season. However, the pressure to win will make this team much more difficult to kick than the Fox will enter with the underdog position. Anyway, with a better line-up and performance than changing opponents, coach Solskjaer and coaches are considered to win easily if they play properly.

Leicester City - Premier League 

3/4 matches unbeaten in recent times, this achievement, although not helping Leicester City improve its position in the standings, is enough for them to maintain a safe 5-point distance with the 5th ranked team. West Ham. In the context of the tournament, there are only 3 rounds left to finish, if the Foxes can maintain the current performance stably.

And limit the number of losses, their ability to get a place in the Top 4 this season is very high. As a guest on the field of strong rival Manchester United in the 36th round, Leicester City certainly did not dare to set a goal of 3 points in this match, although determined because their performance and team were pretty much worse than competitor.

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