PremierLeague: Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Within the framework of the 38th round, the final round of the English Premier League will see the confrontation between Liverpool and Crystal Palace. This match is considered as the decisive match about the fate of the Anfield team this season for a ticket to the UEFA Champions League next season. As for teachers and coaches  Roy Hodgson, it was a farewell, nothing more and nothing less.

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Liverpool need points more than ever. This team is ranked 4th with 66 points, better than Leicester City's 5th place in terms of sub-index. The opportunity is not small for the army of coach Jurgen Klopp. However, if there is no ticket to Europe's highest club tournament, even the German teacher's chair may be shaken.

The Anfield home team has only one match left with the team ranked 13th in the table, Crystal Palace, to nurture the last ray of hope in the end of the season. Confrontation history is also in favor of The Kop, as the Merseyside team won The Eagles out of the last 6 confrontations between the 2 teams. Notably, in the first leg of the Premier League this season, Liverpool won an impressive 7-0

Crystal Palace is ranked 13th with 44 points after 37 rounds in the English Premier League. This team was considered to have given up on the tournament when it was officially relegated quite early when there was a safe distance of 16 points with the group holding the red light, while no longer able to compete for a ticket to the European Cup. with other big clubs.

Evidence for the lack of serious competition is none other than the recent performance of teachers and coaches Roy Hodgson. The team nicknamed The Eagles has had the last 5/7 matches out empty-handed, when they lost to Chelsea, Leicester City, Manchester City, Arsenal or even the underrated team Southampton. Fans of the Selhurst Park home team do not want their favorite team to lose a sixth game, especially the last Premier League match this season, even though the opponent is Liverpool.

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