PremierLeague: Leicester City vs Tottenham

Leicester City are at the center of the race to win tickets to the Champions League next season, but Everton still have the goal of winning to keep the 7th place in the Premier League table this season and also a gift for the fans of Leicester City. surname. Therefore, an extremely difficult challenge awaits the Foxes in round 38.

Leicester City vs Tottenham

On the side of Leicester City, the poor performance in the final stage of this season is causing them to face the risk of losing tickets to the Champions League next season when the Premier League is only 1 round away from the end. However, luck is not on the side of the King Power Stadium team when they have to welcome the strong team Tottenham in round 38, so the opportunity to get even 1 point is not easy for the Foxes, especially the Foxes. is when the away team is very determined to win this match to thank the fans.

If they lose, Leicester City will have to wait for the results from their direct rival Liverpool to know if they are sure to be in the Top 4 this season, so at the moment, the fans of the King Stadium team. Power is certainly extremely worried because they understand that facing a Tottenham who is thirsty for victory is like holding the risk of defeat in their hands. And even if they have the right to hope before round 38, it doesn't mean much to the Foxes when they have to face the London Rooster.

Being in 7th position in the rankings, this season's achievements can be considered acceptable for Tottenham and the only remaining goal for teachers and coach Ryan Mason is a victory over the 5th ranked team Leicester City. in the final round, thereby giving meaningful gifts to the fans. Despite facing an away disadvantage in this match, the London team still has reason to be confident.

Because not only at this time, the home team is in bad shape, but the head-to-head record is also on the side of Tottenham with the last 4/6 matches unbeaten when encountering Leicester City and 4 of them. Therefore, just playing properly in this match, 3 points is something within the reach of Ryan Mason and his students.


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