PremierLeague: Leeds United vs West Brom

Both are two rookies of the Premier League this season, but Leeds played extremely impressively to successfully relegate soon. In contrast, West Brom did not show many things and had to accept to play in the Championship after this season. In the context that "Sparrow" has run out of goals and is also in very bad form, their hope of winning points right at Leeds' mecca is very small.

Leeds vs West Brom

Among the 3 rookies of the Premier League this season, Leeds is the team with the best performance. If West Brom and Fulham were soon relegated, the Elland Road home team is getting a position in the top half. Specifically, after 37 rounds, Leeds won 17 draws 5 and lost 15. Holding 56 points, the home team is in 10th place on the table. This is a good achievement for a rookie who has just returned to the Premier League after nearly 20 years of absence. Although the goal has been exhausted, Leeds is having an extremely impressive performance in recent times.

Considering only the last 3 rounds, Leeds won all to bring back 9 full points. Even their victories are very explosive as against Southampton 2-0, Burnley 4-0, Tottenham 3-1. At home, Leeds are unbeaten in the last 5 visits, in the series of matches above they won 2 and drew 3. The attack is a commendable highlight for coach Marcelo Bielsa's teachers and students, when the strikers of this team have Shoot 59 times this season. The biggest weakness that Leeds need to overcome lies in the defense, when they have conceded 53 times.

Also a rookie like Leeds and even more appreciated for experience. However, West Brom had a rather bitter end when he had to return to the Championship playing field quickly. West Brom's performance really did not match the expectations that the fans put in. With only 5 wins, 11 draws and 21 defeats. At this time, West Brom only gave himself 26 points and was at the penultimate position of the table.

The upcoming closing match is only procedural for West Brom and perhaps the visitors are not very determined to aim. Remember, the last 6 rounds West Brom drew 2 and received 4 defeats. The fact that the attack only opened 34 times and the defense conceded 73 goals, it is clear that "The Sparrow" is too difficult to surprise against Leeds. Confrontation history also does not favor West Brom, when the last 4 encounters with Leeds they received 3 defeats.

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