PremierLeague: Everton FC vs Wolves

Coach Carlo Ancelotti's teachers and students have to blame themselves when they lost to the bottom team, Sheffield United, making the race to compete for the Europa League place gradually becoming more difficult.

Everton vs Wolves

Everton – Premier League

Everton have had great advantages for competing for a place in the Europa League this season when they have fewer rounds than their rivals. Although only having to welcome one Sheffield United was definitely relegated to the bottom of the table, but coach Carlo Ancelotti's army disappointed the fans.

The 0-1 defeat at home to Goodison Park in the last round made Everton's chance to attend the Europa League more and more distant. Currently, coach Carlo Ancelotti's teachers and students have fallen to 9th place on the rankings this season with 56 points after 36. In the upcoming 37th round, Everton's opponent will be Wolverhamton not an easy name to be caught. bully. Although there is a fulcrum at Goodison Park, but if you cannot show your determination, it will be very difficult for teachers and coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Wolverhampton - Premier League  

In the opposite direction, Wolverhamton also had to taste defeat with a 0-2 loss to Tottenham in the last round. However, this is a loss without much regret for coach Nuno Santo's team when they almost ran out of goals this season.

On the current rankings, Wolverhamton is ranked 12th with 45 points. The ability to compete for a spot in the leading group with the Wolves is gone while they don't have to worry about relegation because they have identified all 3 names that will have to be relegated this season. Marching on Goodison Park in the upcoming round with Wolverhamton, they have a much more comfortable mentality than the home team when the pressure is gone. Moreover, Wolverhamton is also not an easy name to be bullied when they have only lost 4 out of 10 confrontations against Everton. Therefore, the ability to have points for the away team is still within their ability.



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