PremierLeague: Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa

Although it is rated higher than Crystal Palace at the moment, it is clear that having to be a guest at Selhurst Park in the match in the 36th round will not be an easy task for Aston Villa. Moreover, the confrontation history is proving that they always have difficulty when they have to face Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, specifically in the last 3 matches here, the Villa Park team can only bring home 1 victory. win.

Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa

Crystal Palace – Premier League 

After winning in round 35 of the English Premier League, Crystal Palace once again proved its fluctuating form this season after losing 1-3 to Southampton at St Marys in the middle of this week. Of course, this is not a surprising result, but anyway, the Selhurst Park home team fans can hardly be happy when Benteke and his teammates continue to maintain such an unstable performance.

The season with Crystal Palace still has 3 more rounds and coach Roy Hodgson's teachers and students will have a difficult confrontation with Aston Villa in the match in round 36. However, if they can overcome the army of coach Dean. Smith, it's clearly a great goodbye gift for the fans of this team before the disappointing season officially ends.

Aston Villa – Premier League

As for Aston Villa, although they can only be ranked 11th in the current rankings, they still deserve praise from the fans. Coach Dean Smith's teachers and students would have done better if they hadn't suddenly dropped at an important moment, but with a team full of enthusiasm, the Villa Park team could completely return next season. . They still have 3 more matches ahead of them before officially landing this season and the first opponent will be Crystal Palace, the team they only won 1/3 of the last encounter at Selhurst Park.

The away disadvantage in this match is also something that .. and teammates are especially interested in because Crystal Palace owns the last 3/5 unbeaten matches when playing at home. Therefore, if you do not enter the game carefully, Dean Smith's teachers and students can completely lose points or even leave empty-handed.

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