PremierLeague: Chelsea vs Arsenal

The gap of up to 11 points compared to fourth ranked team Leicester City makes Arsenal's ability to attend the Champions League next season becomes far away. Therefore, instead of the Top 4 target, perhaps the Gunners should aim for something more realistic, namely Top 5, which is a position where they are less than 6 points at the moment. As a guest on Chelsea's field in round 36, the loss of the last 2/4 encounters with this opponent at away made the worry of the fans of the Emirates Stadium even more apparent by the performance of the Blues It is extremely stable to return to Stamford Bridge's home ground.

Chelsea vs Arsenal

Chelsea - Premier League 

Standing at 4th place last season and also highly appreciated when entering this season, Chelsea has made many people excited with stable performance during the last 35 rounds to bring home. 3rd place at the present time. With what has been shown, it is clear that the Stamford Bridge team deserves praise.

Because even if you continue to maintain stability for the rest of the season, 2nd place on the rankings is the goal within the reach of teachers and coaches Thomas Tuchel. Returning home to welcome Arsenal in the 36th round match, the position of both is now very different from the previous season, plus an unbeaten record of 4/5 the last confrontation, so Chelsea are extremely confident of being able to beat the Gunners to bring back 3 full points in this match.

Arsenal - Premier League

Confusingly declining in the Premier League recently, Arsenal is making it difficult for themselves in the race to compete for a ticket to the Europa League qualifying round next season. Currently, they have fallen to 9th on the chart with 6 points less than the Top 5 target, although this is not a difficult gap to level.

But remember that the rest of the season is still not enough for teachers and coach Mikel Arteta to have a strong return and concretize their ambitions for the European Cup. As a guest on the field of Chelsea's 3rd ranked team in round 36, with disappointing performance at the moment, 1 point is also considered a success for Arsenal but remember that the current form of the Stamford Bridge team are being very impressive.

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