PremierLeague: Brighton vs West Ham United

Only having to face an unappreciated opponent like Brighton in the 36th round of the English Premier League this weekend, however, the away disadvantage still makes the army of coach David Moyes feel very worried by the achievements in the previous matches. Their recent home away from home is also not really positive.

Brighton vs West Ham

Brighton - Premier League 

Unbeaten in the last 3/5 rounds, although these results are not surprising, at least it will help Brighton regain their spirit before the upcoming difficult period of the season. Currently, the army of coach Graham Potter is in 17th place in the rankings with a very safe distance from the group holding the red light up to 10 points.

Therefore, Brighton has a reason to feel comfortable before a promising match against West Ham at home in round 36. In the last 5 encounters between the two teams, the Falmer Stadium team only got 1 victory. win, it's still 4 draws, but at the moment, the away team is also showing an unstable performance, so actively playing offensively to aim for a win is still a reasonable goal for us. Coach Graham Potter's army in this battle.

West Ham - Premier League

Losing 0-1 to the 8th ranked team Everton in round 35, this defeat not only made Inter West Ham extend the record of not winning to 3 in the last 4 rounds, but the London team is also getting further and further away. Top 5. Of course, the gap of only 2 points is still something that can be overcome, but beware because if you don't stabilize your form soon, the risk of coach David Moyes' army crashing in the final rounds is entirely possible.

As a guest on the field of the 17th-ranked team Brighton in the next match, although not undervalued by coach David Moyes' army too much in terms of head-to-head record, West Ham should remember that away from home in recent times is always the same. bring them sad memories, as evidenced by the achievement of losing 3/5 of the last trip away from home of the London team.


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