PremierLeague: Brighton vs Man City

Even though they have to face the opponent Brighton away in the next round, perhaps this does not make the Etihad Stadium team feel worried, in addition to the last 8 encounters with the home team in all competitions, Manchester City is still having an impressive winning record.

Brighton vs Man City


Brighton - Premier League 

Continuing to draw against West Ham with a score of 1-1 in the previous match in the English Premier League, Brighton has increased its unbeaten streak to 2. However, this disappointing achievement also Nothing is too important at the moment when the opportunity to compete for a place in the Top 10 has long flowed away with the Falmer Stadium team.

Returning home in the 37th round of the English Premier League to welcome the top team Manchester City, Brighton must also understand that the chance for them to get even 1 point in this match is not much, moreover, the performance is poor. The current situation makes all hopes of the home team's fans soon extinguished since this match has not officially started.

Manchester City – Premier League 

On the side of Manchester City, coach Pep Guardiola's army at this time is still possessing impressive achievements in the domestic arena since the beginning of the season. With 13 points more than the 2nd ranked team Manchester United on the English Premier League table, The Citizens have now definitely won the championship and if they continue to play stably like this, there will be at least 1 season left. English football will have a real counterweight for the Etihad Stadium team.

As a guest on Brighton's field in the next round, the goal that Manchester City is aiming for is nothing but 3 points, but anyway they are not allowed to be subjective because it is fair to say that the home team is still an opponent. uncomfortable. Moreover, this is a match where The Citizens are at a disadvantage away from home, so caution is still something that coach Pep Guardiola's army needs to uphold if they do not want to lose their unbeaten streak.


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