PremierLeague: Aston Villa vs Everton

The series of poor matches is causing the 8th ranked team Everton to lose too many advantages in the race to 5th place at the moment. In the next match with rivals Aston Villa, if coach and coach Carlo Ancelotti  still lose points, they will most likely have to say goodbye to the Top 5 race.

Aston Villa vs Everton

Aston Villa - Premier League

Before losing in the 35th round at home to Manchester United, Aston Villa did not lose in two consecutive matches in the English Premier League. The stable performance not only helped coach Dean Smith's army far away from the group holding the red light to 21 points and with the current advantage, the Villa Park team was able to temporarily rest assured with the goal of relegation. This season has 3 more rounds (Aston Villa alone has 4 games) and if this team continues to maintain its current form, they may even think of their goal to finish in the top half of the standings.

However, before thinking of that ambition, Aston Villa needs 3 points in the reception of Everton at home in the match of round 19. Remember that the last time they beat the away team at Villa Park was since August /. 2019, so even if the game is more stable than the opponent at the moment, it is not difficult for Coach Dean Smith's army to be confident with the goal of getting 3 points in the upcoming rematch.

Everton - Premier League

The poor performance in the past time has caused Everton to lose the chance to return to the Top 5, even if they continue to empty their hands in the upcoming match at Aston Villa, it is likely that the home team of Goodison Park will plummet. on the standings because they are only 5 points higher than the 10th place of Leeds. According to statistics, in the last 6 matches, coach and coach Carlo Ancelotti only got 1 victory, the rest are 2 defeats and 3 draws.

With this poor result, Everton will certainly not dare to be confident with a 3-point goal in this match. Moreover, the visitors must also watch out when the recent performance of the home team Aston Villa is quite stable, so 1 point is also an acceptable result for teachers and coaches Carlo Ancelotti.


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