PremierLeague: Arsenal vs West Brom

According to statistics, in the last 3 times against Arsenal at Emirates, West Bromwich have suffered defeat, so with the form and quality of the squad far behind the opponent at the moment, there is not any basis for Seeing that the away team can bring even 1 point in this match.

Arsenal vs West Brom

Arsenal - Premier League

There is almost no chance to compete for a place in the Top 4 in the Premier League right now but at least Arsenal fans feel comforted when their team holds hope to win the ticket. kick the European Cup next season with a gap of 9 points less with the 5th place of West Ham.

Of course, it is still the story of the future because now Arsenal need to focus on the match in the 35th round of the English Premier League, where they will have the reception of the penultimate team West Bromwich at home. 3 points is the goal that Coach Mikel Arteta's teachers and coaches are aiming for and that is considered to be a not difficult task, especially when the visitors are playing too badly and 99.9% will surely be relegated this season .

West Bromwich - Premier League

Too disappointing, that's what to say when looking at West Bromwich's record this season, specifically in the 34 rounds played (in the Premier League) so far, the home team The The Hawthorns have only brought back only 5 wins, the remaining 11 draws and 18 defeats. It is this sad achievement that caused coach Sam Allardyce's army to be at the bottom of the rankings for most of the season this year.

Moreover, with 10 points less than the safe group while the Premier League has only 4 rounds to come to the end, the chance to relegate with them may have ended. Another defeat will make the official nightmare come true for West Bromwich and having to be a guest on Arsenal's strong team in the 35th round makes the risk even more apparent.

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