PremierLeague: Arsenal vs Brighton

Arsenal are playing sublimely, although there is no longer a chance to break into the top 6, but their goal in welcoming Brighton here is nothing but winning all 3 points.

Arsenal vs Brighton

This season, Arsenal only won 58 points after 37 rounds, they have run out of opportunities to win tickets to the European Cup when they are behind the top 6 with a gap of 4 points and only 1 more round is the main season. wake closed. This is clearly a very disappointing achievement for coach Mikel Arteta and his students. However, they also showed progress towards the end of the season.

Indeed, the recent victory over Crystal Palace was the 4th match in a row Arsenal won all 3 points. Most of the players are playing "in shape", especially the attack is very effective when shooting continuously. It seems that the students perform better when playing with 4 defenders, before that the Spaniard often played with 5 defenders, which somewhat limited the attacking ability of the "Gunners". ". Besides, playing with confidence and without pressure has helped the players show their abilities in the best way.

There were times when it was quite difficult in the relegation race, but Brighton have partly shown their ability and now they have officially stayed on the highest playing field in the foggy country. This is a worthy achievement for coach Graham Potter and his students after tireless efforts, especially bravery when playing at home with remarkable achievements.

Despite playing well at home, Brighton's ability to play away from home is very faint when only winning 1 match in the last 7 trips, worse than receiving 5 defeats. Among these defeats are weak and relegated opponents such as Sheffield United or West Bromwich. This partly shows the "weak" mentality of the team nicknamed "seagull". Obviously, fans can hardly count on Brighton's ability to make a story in the trip to the field of a team that is in high form like Arsenal.

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