FA Cup final: Chelsea vs Leicester City

Today, the first final between the two blue shirt teams will take place at Wembley Stadium, for the oldest title in the world. Chelsea vs Leicester in the FA Cup final 2020/21.

Chelsea vs Leicester

Four days before the match that is considered to be the Premier League Top 4 final, Chelsea vs Leicester will face each other in a more specific final – the FA Cup. This will be a battle to bring the title and surely both teams are very hungry.
It is impossible to compare the importance of these two finals, because it means a lot in terms of titles or money - things that are the goals of every team. For Chelsea, tonight's match is even more important than ever, as it will be a test of their bravery - before the most awaited match of the season, the Champions League final 2020 /21.
Since being appointed to replace Frank Lampard in the hot seat, coach Thomas Tuchel has breathed new life into Chelsea and turned the club into a force, true to their potential. Holding the right to self-determination in the Top 4 race, reaching the final of 2 FA Cups and Champions League is something that Blues fans never dreamed of under Lampard (then they were still 10th in the Premier League).
More importantly, Thomas Tuchel – a German, knows how to promote the role of two Germans in the squad, Kai Havertz and Timo Werner. The pair are increasingly showing their influence on Chelsea's attack, and will determine the possibility of winning the title at the end of the season.

Havertz is now being used as the highest spearhead in the attack, while Werner, while still not rediscovering his killer instincts, also makes a big contribution to the team's play with his moves and assists.
But, in the end, no matter how great the opportunity, Chelsea's empty-handed ability is still there. Imagine they lost 2 finals and flew out of the Top 4, any praise at this point would be meaningless. Therefore, to have more confidence in the closing stage, the first thing is that Thomas Tuchel's army needs to play well tonight.



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