Europa League: AS Roma vs Man United

Losing Manchester United 2-6 in the first leg, despite having 2 goals away, it is not enough to represent Italy, AS Roma, to hold the advantage before the semi-final second leg of the Europa League. Moreover, the current performance of Manchester United is also more stable than the home team Olimpico, so it is likely that coach Paulo Fonseca's teachers and students will have to say goodbye to the Europa League even though they are close to the door. of the final.

Roma vs Man United

AS Roma - Europa League 

Ranked 7th in the current Serie A chart with a 9 point gap less than the competitor ranked above Lazio, while the season with only 4 rounds remaining will officially close, so an attendance The European Cup next season has gone further and further with AS Roma. With that situation, the domestic arena is still the concern of teachers and coach Paulo Fonseca, so they can not focus all their efforts on the Europa League. where the Olimpico team is facing a huge disadvantage after a 2-6 defeat to Manchester United in England in the semi-final first leg.

It is fair to say that AS Roma are not underestimated too much compared to their rival Manchester United, but it seems that they cannot show their bravery against Old Trafford's owner in the first leg, thereby surprising. to lose 2-6. Of course, 2 goals from away field will also help the Italian representative hold a little hope, but a 4-0 victory in the second leg seems impossible for teachers and coach Paulo Fonseca, especially. When the Olimpico team will have great psychological pressure in this match.

Manchester United - Europa League

Convincingly won 6-2 in the semifinal of the first leg of the Europa League against AS Roma, so even though they had to be a guest in the return match, Manchester United still had more confidence because despite losing 0-3 they were sure to participate. in the final. But being confident is still subjective, so Solskjaer teachers and coaches will absolutely not be allowed to commit because the home team is not a dream in the continental arena anyway, maybe the first leg is a bad 90 minutes. of the Italian representative, but when he was kicked at home in the second leg, everything would be very different,

Therefore, if you do not play focused, Manchester United could be beaten by the opponent and then say goodbye to the Europa League in a scenario that could not be sadder. Of course, it is just a theoretical story, but in fact, with the current 4-goal difference, the Old Trafford team can not only deploy the game the way they want, but also the psychological advantage belongs to. Coach Solskjaer and his students.


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