PremierLeague: Man United vs Liverpool FC

After two consecutive unsuccessful matches, Liverpool finally won an extremely important victory in the previous round, thereby regaining the confidence of the fans. On the momentum of confidence, they will have a trip to the field of a strong opponent like Manchester United, coach Jurgen Klopp's team is highly expected to win all 3 points on the opponent's field to improve. improve their position on the chart.

Man United vs Liverpool

Manchester United - Premier League 

Manchester United's record of 15 consecutive unbeaten matches in the Premier League stopped after a 1-2 defeat against Leicester City in the previous round. This defeat was not predicted by the Foxes who were under the reach of the players of the Old Trafford team, but losing despite having a very stable performance also made the team morale. This decreases somewhat.

So in the next match with rival Liverpool, the home advantage needs to be used too absolutely to win all 3 points, thereby regaining confidence at the end of the season. However, things will not be easy for the Old Trafford team when the visitors are not inferior at all in terms of force, moreover they are also very confident after a very important victory in the previous round. . Therefore, it is very difficult to say anything in this match even if the teachers and coaches Solskjaer have home advantage.

Liverpool - Premier League

Fortunately for Liverpool when they have found a vital victory over the 14th ranked Southampton team in the previous round, if there are not 3 complete points in this match, perhaps The Kop will sink into a crisis because before They just didn't win 2 consecutive matches. Although it is only a victory against a weak opponent, but it has a great mental thought and maybe with that victory, the players of the Anfield team will regain their confidence to play. exploding again in the coming rounds.

The Manchester United challenge is probably the right time to verify whether Liverpool is really back, even if they have to play away, coach Jurgen Klopp's army should remember that the players of the home team are losing. confidence after losing in the previous round. If you can take advantage of the spirit, The Kop can completely leave with 3 perfect points in hand.


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