PremierLeague: West Ham vs Leicester

Not rated higher than Leicester City before the 31st round of the Premier League, but the stable performance in recent times has given West Ham reason to be confident in their ability to win first. the opponent they won in the last encounter.



West Ham - Premier League 

Being one of the brightest candidates for a spot in the Top 4 this season with a stable performance recently, namely 5 unbeaten matches in the last 7 matches in the Premier League, West Ham has successfully reached the Top 4 with 4th place on the chart at the moment with a difference of 1 point more than the 5th ranked team Chelsea.

Moreover, it is likely that the stable achievement that coaches and coaches David Moyes owns will be extended again in the next round when they will meet Leicester City, the team that the London team has. win in the last confrontation. Moreover, with home advantage and current stable performance, West Ham is not without a chance if they make good use of the opportunities created from fast-response situations.

West Ham vs Leicester

Leicester City - Premier League 

There is excess confidence before West Ham's trip to the field in the 30th round of the Premier League, but Leicester City will not be allowed to be subjective because the current performance of the London team is quite stable. Not only that, the disadvantage of away field makes the teachers and coaches of Brendan Rodgers more cautious if they do not want to face the risk of losing points.

Remember that if you win this match, the Fox will continue to regain 3rd place and be right above West Ham, the team where the away team is 4 points better. The motivation is very clear, but whether Leicester City's level can win the stable performance that the home team owns is still a very difficult question to answer when the ball has not rolled on London ground.

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