PremierLeague: West Ham vs Chelsea FC

Chelsea is showing a strong resurgence after the first phase had to dive in the middle of the chart, at this time they currently own 4th place on the chart and are one of the brightest candidates for a chance to attend. next season Europe's biggest club tournament. The next challenge in round 33 will be acquaintance West Ham, Chelsea probably have nothing to be afraid of opponents when the current performance of the two teams is quite opposite.
West Ham vs Chelsea

West Ham - Premier League 

Without winning the last 3/5 matches in the Premier League, West Ham is showing fans that it will not be easy for them to attend the European playground next season. Although recent disappointing results cannot make the London team fall too deep on the standings, if you do not promptly improve your current performance, the prospect of falling out of the Top 5 will not be anything. too far away for this team.

Returning home to welcome strong rival Chelsea in round 33 of Premier Leagye, West Ham fans will have to sit still when their players begin to show psychological signs every time they enter. It is likely that the home team will once again collapse in the upcoming round.

Chelsea - Premier League 

In contrast to home team West Ham, Chelsea is now showing a strong comeback this season, with what is showing the official date of winning tickets to the Champions League next season. This probably won't be too far away. Winning the last 5/8 matches with convincing performances, The Blues are showing a great deal of confidence no matter how uncomfortable their opponents are, as evidenced by their most recent victory over the ranked team. 13th Crystal Palace with a 4-1 score in round 31.

With this result, Chelsea has shortened the gap with the third ranked team Leicester City to 1 point but played less than 1 game, so if it is possible to win the match against the home team West Ham in round 33 They will be able to put great pressure on Leicester City's third place. The 3-point mission in this trip does not seem too difficult for teachers and coach Thomas Tuchel because the home team is now too lack of confidence in the game and does not have the best condition.

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