PremierLeague: West Brom vs Southampton

Undefeated in the last 2/4 rounds in the Premier League, Southampton are showing their remarkable stability, although they were still one of the top candidates for relegation. Having a trip to the field of the penultimate team of West Bromwich in the 31st round, there is no reason that  Ralph Hasenhuttl 's army is not confident to bring 3 points with a match that they are the top team.

West Brom - Premier League 

After the 1-0 victory over Brighton in the 25th round of the Premier League, the idea that coach and coach Sam Allardyce would have a strong return to get out of the penultimate position in the standings, but it seems that the story is still only. in the imagination of the optimistic fans on this side of this team. The next 2/4 defeats against Everton and Crystal Palace have almost engulfed all hopes of successfully relegating this season with the home team The Hawthorns.

Currently, West Bromwich are 8 points less than the safe group and the remaining 8 matches are still enough for them to make a difference, but with the unstable form, no one dares to believe that the teacher and coach Sam Allardyce will surpass the dance. success. Returning home to welcome the guests of Southampton, in the first leg, The Hawthorns home team received a 0-2 loss on the opponent's field and things are still no different, while West Bromwich are day by day. Shot, Southampton is showing a commendable stability, so this confrontation is considered a difficult door for the home team.

Southampton - Premier League 

Winning the last 2/4 matches in the Premier League, it is the achievement of Southampton and the home team of St Marys helping their fans to spend their happy days because in most of the season this year, this team always in the group at risk of relegation. Currently, the army of coach Ralph Hasenhuttl has climbed to 14th place in the rankings with a distance of up to 10 points with the group holding the red light.

Therefore, they can temporarily rest assured to think of a goal beyond the relegation race in the remaining 8 matches of the season. Being a guest on the field of the penultimate team West Bromwich is a good opportunity for Southampton to continue to have their unbeaten streak, but the specific goal that the visitors set will definitely be 3 points because 1 more victory will. helping them make sure to relegate successfully this season. 

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