PremierLeague: Tottenham vs Man United

Continuing a convincing 2-0 victory over Granada in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Europa League, this is the 4th victory in the last 6 matches of Manchester United and the Old Trafford team certainly possesses an enthusiastic playing mentality. before a trip to Tottenham's away match this weekend.

Tottenham - Premier League 

Having a very good record in recent matches with 3 wins in the last 5 matches in the Premier League, Tottenham is showing a strong resurgence after a long period of time having received draws and lose. With 10/10 absolute points after 5 rounds, coach Jose Mourinho's army has narrowed the gap with the Top 4 to 3 points and the peace of mind is what the fans of the London team feel despite having. when they lose confidence in their players.

Tottenham vs Man United
Continuing towards the next victory when playing at home and having to welcome Manchester United, the opponent is ranked 4 places above Tottenham in the standings. Although they are in a form that is not much worse than the visitors and also won 6-1 in the last encounter, coach Jose Mourinho's army will not be allowed to be subjective and confident by judging a way. Fairly the away team is not underdogs against them.

Manchester United - Premier League 

Ranked second in the Premier League standings, but Manchester United fans can be assured that their team is 9 points ahead of Chelsea's fifth place. Not only that, the recent performance of Solskjaer's teachers and teachers is not so bad with 5/6 unbeaten matches.

Against Tottenham in the next round, the goal that the Old Trafford team is aiming for will be a victory and they will definitely choose an attacking style to counter the defending that is playing is not really stable. of Tottenham. Even if you do well in counterattack situations, it does not rule out the possibility that Manchester United can easily bring a convincing victory.

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