PremierLeague: Newcastle vs Tottenham

After a convincing victory over the much underrated opponent Aston Villa in the recent Premier League round, Tottenham must have had a comfortable spirit and the Tottenham Hotspur home team is extremely determined to bury stamping Newcastle United in the match in the 30th round, thereby continuing to affirm the candidate's bravery in the Top 4 as well as maintain the confidence of the fans.

Newcastle United vs Tottenham



Newcastle United - Premier League 

The last defeat in the 30th round of the Premier League caused Newcastle United to end their three consecutive unbeaten streak, the empty hand in this match also affected the position of coach Steve Bruce in the competition. relegation when they are still 2 points ahead of 2nd ranked Fulham and this is still a big shock because the winner in the previous round is only a Brighton that is not overestimated.

Therefore, determination is what St James Park's home team needs to get before the match against Tottenham in the next round, but with a poor squad, the goal that Newcastle United set can only be. 1 point and remember that Tottenham is even more difficult than Tottenham at the moment.

Tottenham - Premier League 

Although it has not shown a conclusive form like Manchester City's top team in recent times, it is a big mistake if Tottenham is underestimated at the moment. Of course, their disadvantages of the Tottenham Hotspur team can be seen by everyone, that is the scoring performance, specifically in the last 3 matches, the attack of this team also only brought about 3 goals. win, too low for a team that is expected to do wonders this season.

However, Jose Mourinho's army is also winning in the last 4/6 times against Newcastle United, so having to face the 17th ranked team on away field is also a great advantage for them at the time. current point. Anyway, with a 3-point goal in this match, Tottenham can completely do it if they maintain a solid defense like what Harry Lane and his teammates are showing recently.


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