PremierLeague: Newcastle United vs West Ham

Not yet able to escape the disappointing series, at this time Newcastle United fell to 17th place in the Premier League standings and they were just above the group holding the red light with the same distance by 2 wins but more competition. 1 match. Therefore, if you lose against rival West Ham in the 32nd round, it is likely that Newcastle United will officially be bogged down.

Newcastle United vs West Ham

Newcastle United - Premier League 

Disappointing, that is what describes the performance of Newcastle United at the moment, the home team St James Park is not winning the last 5/6 matches, this sad result has pushed Newcastle United down. 17th place on the Premier League chart with a thin gap compared to the group holding the red light is 3 points but plays more than 1 game. The remaining time of the season is not much, but it is still enough for Cheo to complete the relegation goal, but if we continue to play disappointing like now, the relegation date will probably not be far from him coach Steve Bruce.

And the risk of officially falling into the danger zone will become a reality if Newcastle United continue to lose to West Ham in the 32nd round match. But surely the fans of the home team St James Park are also mentally prepared. Because they understand that winning at home is also something impossible, specifically, they are not winning the last 7/8 matches every time they play at home.

West Ham - Premier League 

Back in a very impressive way with a series of 2 consecutive wins in the Premier League, at this time, teachers and coaches David Moyes are helping their loyal fans forget their embarrassing achievements before when they have a series of 2 matches continue to draw and lose. 6 points after these victories have helped West Ham climb high on the standings and at least the London team has a little advantage in the Top 4 race compared to the 5th ranked team Chelsea with 1 point more.

The spirit of excitement is high before the trip to Newcastle United's away field in the 32nd Premier League round, so it would be understandable if West Ham set a 3-point goal in this match. The confidence of the visitors of the visitors team is further strengthened when 2/3 of the encounter with the nearest home team at St James Park, the team from London were unbeaten. Moreover, the performance of Newcastle United at the moment is not very stable, so a victory is completely within the reach of coach David Moyes and his teachers in this match.


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