PremierLeague: Liverpool vs Newcastle United

The game has been extremely stable recently, but Liverpool still has to accept 6th place in the standings after West Ham because the performance is still worse. That is why this team is very determined to win in the 33rd round, thereby putting more pressure on the 5th ranked team West Ham as well as continuing to maintain their consecutive unbeaten streak. Moreover, Liverpool's opponent in this match is just a Newcastle United in the lower half of the standings.

Liverpool vs Newcastle

Liverpool - Premier League 

Winning 3, drawing 1 is what Jurgen Klopp's team has done in the last 5 matches in the Premier League, with what they are worthy of being one of the candidates. for a place in the Top 4 but also a candidate for Champions League qualification next season.

The opportunity to have 3 more complete points will come again in this 33rd round when Liverpool welcome the weak team Newcastle United at home, in terms of form, formation or psychology, perhaps the Anfield team will surpass. outperformed the visitors. So just playing with concentration and determination, victory will be difficult to slip away from the home team in this match.

Newcastle United - Premier League 

Maintaining consecutive unbeaten streak with a convincing victory over 5th ranked West Ham with a score of 3-2, this victory could not help Newcastle United change the position of their weak team this season. because after all, West Ham is just a competitor who is in a great way. However, 3 points in this match bring too much spiritual meaning when the home team of St James Park needs to win more than ever to confidently return on the way to regain a place in the Premier League. this season.

Having to face the big Liverpool man in round 33 of the English Premier League, perhaps this team foresaw the difficulties they will encounter in this match and even prepares for the spirit of defeat when their opponents are The game is too stable and it is difficult for a weak team like Newcastle United to surprise.


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