PremierLeague: Liverpool vs Aston Villa

Show an extremely stable performance in the Premier League at the moment and Liverpool has officially narrowed points compared to the fourth ranked team West Ham after round 31. Therefore, the teachers and coaches Jurgen Klopp  are very decisive. earn all 3 points in the reception of Aston Villa at home to continue to pressure direct rival West Ham in the race to win tickets to the Champions League next season.

Liverpool - Premier League 

Owning a series of two consecutive unbeaten Premier League matches, along with winning in those two games gives Liverpool a chance to fly high on the Premier League standings 2020/21. Although he narrowed the score gap with the fourth ranked team, West Ham (ranked 7th due to 3 points less), surely now coach and coach Jurgen Klopp are blaming themselves because if they do better and do not lose Too many points in the first leg, now they could even compete for the championship with top team Manchester City.

Liverpool vs Aston Villa
Welcoming the Aston Villa visitors at Anfield shrine in round 31, 3 points will surely be the goal that Liverpool aim to continue to put pressure on West Ham. And remember that Aston Villa has never been a difficult opponent to be bullied by The Kop, specifically in the last 6 encounters, it is the visitors who lost more with 4 defeats, the rest 2 win.

Aston Villa - Premier League 

Not winning the last 4/5 matches in the Premier League, this disappointing achievement caused Aston Villa to fall to 9th place in the rankings with a gap of up to 7 points compared to the Top 5 goal. The season is still enough for coach Dean Smith's army to change the current situation and win tickets to participate in the Europa League next year, but first they need to find a solution to change the current unstable form.

Marching to Anfield in the 31st round to be a guest of the home team Liverpool, it will be a difficult 90 minutes for Aston Villa when The Kop is playing very well in the last two rounds. Moreover, the goal of bringing back at least 1 point of the visitors is not grounded when coach Dean Smith's army is losing points to the last 4/5 matches when having to play as guests.


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