PremierLeague: Leicester vs West Brom

The match between Leicester and West Bromwich in the 32nd round of the Premier League is considered by experts to have an advantage for the home team because Leicester now has a more stable performance but with confidence is returning after the battle. Winning in the previous round, it is clear that West Bromwich are not a dreamer either.

Leicester vs West Brom

Leicester - Premier League 

Holding 3rd place in the Premier League standings after 31 rounds, Leicester is now making his fans quite satisfied with its stable performance despite not owning a really high quality team. However, the recent defeat to West Ham with a score of 2-3 shows the image of a home team King Power easily collapsing at an important moment of the season.

Of course, through a defeat, it is difficult to evaluate the whole team, but if you want to have a high record this season, Leicester need to change immediately to lose points in the matches they are people are appreciated. And the reception of West Bromwich at home is also a match like that, but the visitors are not easily bullied at all even though they are playing unstable.

West Bromwich - Premier League 

On the West Bromwich side, this team has just had a taste of victory after the last 31st round of the Premier League with 3 full points at home against rivals Southampton. With this victory, West Bromwich shortened the gap from Burnley's 17th place to 9 points but played less than 1 game. Of course, it is still early for The Hawthorns to think about relegation goals with an unstable form at the moment, but the fans of this team still have the right to hope because the season is still coming. 7 more rounds.

As a guest on the home side Leicester in the next round, West Bromwich are underestimated due to their rather poor performance in recent times, but if they play with their own form, surely. it is certainly the players of the home team who have to be wary.

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