PremierLeague: Leeds United vs Liverpool

The Premier League season 2020/21 is gradually going to the final rounds, but the gap is still 3 points compared to the fourth place team, West Ham, which makes Liverpool fans feel extremely worried. But with a fairly stable form at the moment, they still have reason to hope for a comeback to get a place in the Top 4 this season. But first Salah and his teammates need a victory over Leeds United in the 32nd round to continue to feed their ambitions.

Leeds United vs Liverpool

Leeds United - Premier League 

Undefeated in the last 4 matches, few people can think that this very good achievement of Leeds United only helps them get 10th in the standings at the moment. The explanation for that uninteresting position is that the home team at Elland Road lost in the previous two rounds, so the fact that this team cannot fly high on the rankings is understandable. With the current situation, perhaps the teacher and coach Marcelo Bielsa has no goal to strive, is it just that they will try to bring as many victories in the last 7 rounds to ensure that they can win. a place where the top half of the chart is.

In the 32nd round match earlier this week, despite having the home advantage, not many people believe in Leeds United's ability to score because the opponent on the other side of the line is the sixth ranked team - Liverpool. In terms of form or the quality of the squad, the home team of Elland Road is far behind the visitors, so 1 point will be the goal that coach Marcelo Bielsa's teachers and teachers are aiming for even though it is not an easy task to complete.

Liverpool - Premier League

A series of 3 consecutive unbeaten Premier League matches with 3 of them is an impressive achievement, but perhaps that is not enough for Liverpool to regain the advantage in the Top 4 race, where 2 opponents Direct competition with them is West Ham and Chelsea are still playing steadily. At this time, The Kop is 6th with 3 points less than the 4th place of West Ham.

However, the remaining 7 rounds are still enough for Salah and his teammates to make things happen, but remember that no matter how well the Anfield team played but the other two opponents did not fail, their efforts were still successful. public cup. Of course, the country still slaps, think about whether direct opponents make mistakes or not, first Liverpool should try to accumulate as many points as possible for the rest of the season.

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