PremierLeague: Fulham vs Wolves

Not in good form recently but with only having to meet 18th-ranked Fulham team in round 31, Wolverhampton is certainly confident towards a 3-point goal in this match. Unbeatable in the last 3 encounters with Fulham and up to 2 wins, so in this rematch, if not bad luck clinging, it is very difficult for Wolverhampton to make a mistake.

Fulham - English Premier League 

After 31 matches in the Premier League, at this time Fulham had only 26 points and had to stand at 18th place on the standings. With a distance of 3 points less than the safe area, but playing more than 1 game, the chance for coach and coach Scott Parker to successfully relegate is very difficult. The recent 1-3 defeat against Aston Villa is affecting the spirit of the home team players .. in the 25th round, they will have an extremely difficult 90 minutes at home to continue. welcome rival Wolverhampton.

To lose 2/3 of the closest confrontation with the visitors, Fulham certainly understands how inferior they are in these encounters with this opponent. Not only that, the performance at home of coach Scott Parker's teachers and students is not very good, they only won 1/5 of the last match, the rest are 3 defeats and 1 draw.

Wolverhampton - Premier League 

Consecutively losing in the last 2 rounds, Wolverhampton is making it difficult for himself in his goal of reaching the Top 10 on the standings. With the current situation, 3 points in a trip to the field of the 18th ranked Fulham team is a mandatory task for coach Nuno Espirito and his teachers if they do not want to say goodbye to the current 14th position. Not only that, if you lose, even the home team Molineux can completely narrow the gap with the group holding the red light because they are 6 points better than the home team.

However, Wolverhampton fans can be assured that Fulham is an easy opponent at the moment and the past record between the two teams is also proving the superiority of the home team Molineux, because So the 3-point quest is clearly not that difficult if they play well.


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