PremierLeague: Everton vs Tottenham

Despite showing an unstable form in recent times and falling to 7th place in the Premier League, Tottenham fans are still expecting what their players will do. That's better than that to improve your current position, especially after Everton's guest trip in round 32.
Everton vs Tottenham

Everton - Premier League 

After losing to Manchester City in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, Everton seems to be facing certain problems in the psychology of the game as it continues to draw in the next two Premier League matches against rivals Crystal Palaces and especially the 0-0 draw against Brighton. With this disappointing result, coach Carlo Ancelotti's army fell to 10th in the standings with a 7-point distance from the Top 4 target.

Therefore, in the upcoming 32nd Premier League match with rival Tottenham, the home team Goodison Park has a duty to win if they do not want to make the belief in the fans disappear completely. Despite owning a home advantage in this match, that did not improve Everton's position when their winning rate since the beginning of the new year 2021 when playing at home was only 16.6% (2 wins in 12 matches).

Tottenham - Premier League 

The 1-3 defeat against Manchester, although it did not make Tottenham's position in the Premier League too much change, but this result once again showed the lack of stability in the game of coach Jose Mourinho and coaches. As a result, this team is likely to end this season with no real success. Of course, the Tottenham Hotspus team is also a highly rated team in the Premier League this season and their fans certainly want more than 7th place at the moment.

However, the gap of up to 6 points compared to the Top 4 is not easy to level at all, especially when Tottenham is not playing as stable as the opponents ranked above. Therefore, perhaps the fans of this team should not expect too much in a higher position for their players after this season ends. Meeting the lesser-rated opponent Everton on away field in round 32, this is a good opportunity for coach and coach Jose Mourinho to win all 3 points, thereby continuing his high-flying ambitions in the remaining 7 rounds. again.


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